Capacity Building and Public Awareness

a. Trainings

Targeting different actors, BELA conducts the following 6 (six) sets of trainings on environment and environmental justice annually:

  • Training for Cross-sectoral Actors

A week-long training on Environment and Environmental Law is offered once in every three months and is open for lawyers, development workers and government officials.
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  • Judicial Workshop

Given the facts that the Supreme Court of Bangladesh plays a pivotal role in promoting environmental justice and that Bangladesh now has Environmental Courts to deal with environmental offences, a special workshop exclusively for the judicial officers is organized quarterly in coordination with the Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI).

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  • Training for Media Orientation 

To ensure that the media is equipped with the right information and reporting strategy, BELA organizes training on Investigative Reporting on Environmental Issues once every year for journalists from the local, national and international media. The training emphasizes on practical learning of the journalists and hence includes field investigations on environmental issues.

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  • Workshop for the Police Officers

In collaboration with the Bangladesh Police Staff College, BELA has started to organize  workshops for the police officers to create awareness on environmental offences and duties of police in addressing the same.

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  • Strengthening Local Government in Environment and Natural Resource Management
    Trainings are organized for the elected representatives of the local governments to create awareness on their roles in environmental management and develop their bargaining capacity with the national government in managing local natural resources.
  • Community Trainings

The field offices of BELA regularly arrange trainings for communities faced with environmental challenges.

Over 240 government officials, 850 local government officials, 730 judicial officers, 730 NGO activists and civil society members, 200 community members, 150 journalists and 500 school and college teachers have so far received training from BELA.

b. Public events

BELA organizes regional, national and local level conferences, seminars, lectures, debates, press conferences and other events to disseminate important information on environment and to foster action. Click for Details

c.  Documentaries

To create mass awareness on various environmental and legal issues, BELA has prepared documentaries, television spots, dramas, radio slots, animated cartoons. The list of documentaries include the following:

Link-List of documentary

Any interested person can approach BELA for a copy of the above-listed awareness materials. please click

List of Awareness Materials

d. Library

The organization has a library of about 4000 books, journals, reports and mimeographs of important national and overseas materials under the supervision of a full time Librarian. It is open to everyone. BELA has a big collection of newspaper clippings on environment dating from 1993. These clippings are filed and kept in 18 sub-sectors.

BELA’s online library resources host links to scholarly write-ups and leading news articles on environment. This helps researchers and environmental activists to learn about emerging concerns about environmental management and also about leading initiatives in the field.

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