Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

Ship-breaking-industry-Chittagong-BangladeshThe use of legal mechanism as a tool produced various means and ends for addressing environmental injuries. Based on strategic issues, PIL aimed to generate awareness amongst the common people and relevant actors for the development of a realistic regulatory framework and parochial environmental jurisprudence.

Following a BELA case, the concept of PIL was recognized by the judiciary that has enabled millions of voiceless to access the formal justice system.

BELA has since filed more than 250 cases on environmental issues. The cases involve a wide range of issues including river pollution, industrial pollution, vehicular pollution, labor welfare, compensation for losses inflicted by development projects, encroachment and derogation of important wetlands, relocation of industries, prevention of hill cutting, conservation of forests, defending forest rights, fishermen;s rights & farmers rights amongst others.

Some notable petitions, orders and judgments can be accessed from the following links:

For Petitions:

Fap-20 Civil Appeal No. 24 of 1995

Modhumoti Model Town Civil Appeal No. 253, 255, 256 of 2009

BGMEA Suo Moto Rule WP 19 of 2010

Buriganga River

Vehicular Pollution

Election Commission


Ashiyan City

Purbachal City

For Judicial Pronouncements:
Civil Appeal No. 24 of 1995-Fap-20-Locus Standi
Modhumoti-Civil Appeal No. 253, 255, 256 of 2009 (Flood Flow Zone)
WP 19 of 2010 (BGMEA Suo Moto Rule)
WP 2482 of 1998 (Gulshan,Banani and Baridhara Lake)
WP 4391 of 2005 (Gulshan lake)
WP 11210 of 2006 (Jhilanga)
WP 7467 of 2006 (Sawmill)
Udyan Market 695 of 2000
Vehicular Pollution
Wetland Judgements of BELA