Recognition and achievements

Since its inception, BELA has been assisting local communities in redressing their environmental grievances and fighting for promoting environmental justice. The organization has received many landmark judgments to its credit. The interim orders obtained in the cases filed by BELA have also provided relief to the suffering communities. To learn more about BELAs achievements in legal battles please click…judgment…

In June, 2003 BELA was awarded with the Global 500 Roll of Honors of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) for creating wider awareness of environmental law and sensitizing the notion of environmental justice. In raising awareness on environmental legal issues, BELA has received the Environment Award of the Department of Environment in 2007. It has also received the M. Saleem Ullah Memorial Gold Medal in 2009 for its genuine and persistent efforts in redressing people’s sufferings through public interest litigation.The Chief Executive of BELA Syeda Rizwana Hasan has received prestigious awards for her relentless efforts in promoting the objectives of BELA. It was in 2009 that she was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in recognition of her public interest work in the conservation of the environment. As Bangladesh’s leading environmental attorney, Rizwana’s legal advocacy for tighter regulations for the country’s environmentally devastating ship-breaking industry in particular, makes her one of six winners of the world’s largest prize for environmentalists this year, quotes the Goldman Foundation, In 2012, Rizwana was awarded with the Ramon Magsaysay Award for her uncompromising courage and impassioned leadership in a campaign of judicial activism in Bangladesh that affirms the people’s right to a good environment as nothing less than their right to dignity and life Citation for the 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Award

Rizwana has been named as one of the 40 Environmental Heroes of the World by the TIME Magazine in 2009 (,28804,1924149_1924153_1924207,00.html . She is also a recipient of the Annanya Top Ten Award-2007 and the Celebrating Womenhood Award (2008) given by the Creative Statement and South Asia Partnership based in Nepal. De +49 251 83-39057, room 111c thorsten ghostwriting kleine thorsten.