Research and Publications

BELA’s work primarily involves research into the regulatory regime. Some of the research works are published in the form of books while the others are disseminated in the form of booklets, briefing papers and opinion letters.

Noteworthy amongst BELA publications are:

–     Environmental Regulatory Regime: A Selected Bibliography covering the SAARC Region

–     Loko Shakitye Poribesh (Environment in the Folklore)

–     Poribesh O Onushandani Sangbadkkota (Environment and Investigative Journalism)

–     Laws Regulating Environment in Bangladesh

–     Laws and Custom on Forestry in Bangladesh: Issues and Remedies

–     Regulatory Regime on Inland Fisheries in Bangladesh: Issues and Remedies

–     Handbook on Environmental Laws

–     Judicial Decisions on Environment in South Asia (2001-2004)

–     International Rivers: Rights of the Riparian States

–     Transboundary Water Issues in South Asia

–     River Pollution: Concerns and Expectations

–     Bon, Bonbashi o Bonnoprani Rakhaai Ain (Laws Protecting Forests, Wildlife and the Forest-dwellers)

–     Community Based Floodplain Resource Management: Access and Justice Issues

–     The Cost Benefit Analysis of Shrimp Cultivation in Saline Water
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