BELA is engaged in legislative advocacy for the enactment of new laws on environment or amending existing ones. BELA’s advocacy in this regard has culminated in a constitutional amendment that has incorporated a specific provision on environment. The law on wetland protection is also a direct result of BELA’s  campaigns. Besides, BELA’s advocacy has led to the amendment of the Environment Conservation Act, 1995 in terms of elaborating and including provisions on public hearing against environmental grievances and in the process of granting environmental clearances to projects and industries. As a result of directions given by the Apex Court in a case filed by BELA on ship breaking, the government has gazetted the Ship Breaking and Recycling Rules, 2011. The pro-people amendment brought in 2010 to the much debated Social Forestry Rules, 2004 is also attributable to the efforts of BELA. A democrat, he chairs the health, education, labor, and pensions academic writing committee.