What we do?


Objective The objective of BELA is to promote environmental justice and contribute towards the development of a sound environmental jurisprudence. Vision & mission:

Our vision and mission include

  • Ensuring environmental protection through due processes of law.
  • Anthropocentric environmentalism that seeks conservation inclusive of the natural resource dependent poor.
  • Community ownership and management of natural resources in a just, equitable and gender sensitive way.
  • Upholding the rights of people, particularly the poor and the women, to their environmental entitlements.

BELA considers itself an organization that:

  • believes in and follows a rights-based approach to not only the environment but development in general;
  • believes in and upholds principles of equity; and
  • strives to attain women’s rights and entitlements in environmental justice.

  Strategies: BELA has chosen the following intervention strategies to achieve its objectives:

  • Research and awareness raising campaigns
  • Seek administrative relief, utilize legal measures and give legal assistance to protect eco-system and rights of people
  • Mobilize and support community resistance
  • Develop networks with local, national, regional and international groups/bodies/agencies
  • Undertake legislative advocacy

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